Youth Programs


Learning how to meditate

Week 1: Creating calm
Week 2: Expansive imagination
Week 3: Exhaling frustration
Week 4: Creating patterns for positive thoughts
Week 5: Putting it all together
Week 6: Paying it forward. 


Stressed Teens

Stressed Teens teaches mindfulness skills and provides tools for those in their pre-teen years through latter adolescence. Mindfulness involves paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and can be cultivated through both formal and informal mindfulness practices. Stressed Teens takes a mind-body approach and focuses on the whole person. Teens often have difficulty with their social skills, emotions, confidence, procrastination, impulsivity and attention. Stressed Teens can improve a teen’s functioning and quality of living socially, physically and psychologically.



Let's create together. You're in total control, join me and grow your appreciation and lessen anxiety, for the unknown, through art.