My work

I am a helper.

As the rest of my work, my end of life work is rooted in touch.  

At the end of life, so often touch is purely investigative.   My touch is a nurturing and loving one.  I hold space for my clients physically, 

emotionally and spiritually. This touch isn't limited to physical, i carry it throughout my work- be it folding laundry, massaging hands, 

brushing hair, cooking dinner, and other opportunities that come my way.  

End of Life Care

Companionship and Respite Services

It can be comforting to have a non-partial person to talk to, someone to join you in the long and winding jaunts the mind can take. We can read, listen to music, talk, write, or just share space. We will structure our time to meet your needs.  

Primary caregivers need a break, an opportunity to run errands, go to their own appointments, or practice self-care at the end of a loved one's life. And having another person available talk to can help immensely.

Life Review

A life review is a gift for any point in one's life. Starting from the beginning and moving forward, you will tell the story of you. Through specific moments and their meanings, we may create visual art, write stories, and record an audio or video diary.

A life review is commonly done at the end of life but can also be done annually. We will work together to talk about, plan, and craft the story by which a loved one will be remembered. What legacy will live on?

Space Setting and Vigils

As we near the end of life, things can feel like they are in total upheaval, but the energy of your space can change the process completely. Together we will create a warm, quiet, clean, uncluttered space that honors the importance of our final days.

We also hold a vigil during the active stage of dying. As a loved one's body and soul ready for a journey, we do not leave the dying person alone. Once a vigil begins, we stay until the  dying process is complete.