End-of-Life Care

I am a helper.

As the rest of my work, my end-of-life work is rooted in trust, honesty and touch.  At the end-of-life,  touch can be purely investigative.  My touch is a nurturing and loving one.  A touch, that is whole, sturdy, strong and unwavering, and isn't limited to physical. All that this touch embodies, is carried throughout my work. 

It is carried folding laundry, brushing hair, sanitizing bathrooms, cooking dinner or transcribing letters. It is carried in planning a celebration of life, completing advance care paperwork. dressing the shroud, and sharing a hug. It is carried in the way I hold the people and families when I am given the honor to work with.  

I am a Death Doula. 

You don't have to be facing death to start your relationship with your Death Doula.

We can get your paperwork in order, start creating legacy projects, organize your possessions and more. 

When we do this in advance, we get to meet once a year,or more if you'd like,  update changes and share space. 

When the time comes for me to support your end of life experience, we will have had time on our side. 

If you or someone you know is closer to the end of life, has been given a diagnosis or has died, I can 

help with facilitating the home wake, funeral, celebration of life, body transportation and disposition plans. 

We will have the benefit of trust, knowledge and grace on our side.  

Financial Investment

1st Consultation 

30 minutes over the phone, online or in person

No charge

Skilled Offerings

Gentle Touch Massage, Death Plan Writing, Personal Advocate, 

Home Wake Planning, DPoA for Health Care and Finance & 

 $75* per hour  

Comfort Offerings

Household Help, Letter Writing, Companion Offering, Respite Care,

Art & Travel Notary

$50* per hour 

 Package Offering

Full time in person care, respite, planning, food prep, wake and/or funeral planning, 

logisitical planning, community participation and other things we dream up.


Community Offerings

Vigil Sitting

Health Care Agent - 


*Sliding Scale Pricing Available for everything for those who need it. 

Clients paying full price help support this being an option.

Please know we can create a care plan to fit your needs.