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White Center Chiropractic

Educated, kind and thoughtful care 

Se Habla Español


Virago Gallery

Is an independent, woman-owned concept shop in West Seattle. Conceived by independent curator Tracy Cilona, to champion the work of women artists and designers, featuring original art, exclusive jewelry pieces and
handmade gifts for the home and body.


Naive Light Photography

Native Light focuses on helping small to medium sized businesses tell their story: from a freelancer who needs their face to match their killer resume on LinkedIn to the artisan crafts-maker who needs to apply to an upcoming art fair to the massage therapist who needs to make a great online impression.


Jason Kirk Books

Author and premier wordsmith.

Books, reviews, readings, recommendations, and related endeavors, plus occasional sculpture and new haiku 


Pearl Collective

A collective of people, organizations, and businesses who assist individuals, families, and pets in the end of life, using love, wisdom, knowledge, law, and strength to guide them in their approach to death.


Smile West Seattle

Dr. Brun is a general dentist with an emphasis on 

family dentistry. He is not only an awesome dentist, 

but he'll show you how hard it is to laugh and get 

your teeth cleaned.

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