The Scoop

Lashanna is a graduate of the University of Michigan and Washington’s own Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts. During a massage, her goal is always a flowing conversation between her hands and your tissue. Her style pulls from studies in Swedish and treatment massage, Lomi Lomi, and Reiki. MA06055160

The in home studio creates an environment that bathes you with light energy.  The grounds are full with lush herb and vegetable gardens, chickens and love. 

She is certified in MBSR-T, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Teens.  Combining her formal education and experience with meditation, games and art, Lashanna has created an engaging 8 -10 week program for teens.   

Changing the world

All of us have the strength to change the world. It may be the small gesture of opening a door, feeding a hungry family, teaching your children to love, saying I'm sorry, donating clothes, housing a family in need, lending an ear or having extra patience — all of us have the ability to give something.


I always have something to give, please just ask. 

Client Reviews

Lashanna is fantastic! I'm very picky about massage therapists, and Lashanna is a natural. She just knows where you need attention and goes right to it. Plus, she is genuinely warm and loving. Can't help but feel better just being around her!! -- Sharon  

I have had the good fortune to have gone to many different massage practitioners in my life. Lashanna is, by far, my favorite. Besides being very good at body work, she is one of the most loving and lovely people I know. -- Maria 

Well, where should I start- thanks to Lashanna at Anteres Wellness I can resume normal activities outside of dentistry. My neck and my lower back have been bothering me from bad posture working as a dentist. Lashanna has developed exercises for me to do at home in conjunction with specific massages for targeted muscles group. I definitely recommend Lashanna to my staff and patients suffering to TMJ pain. -- Dr Brun

Lashanna is a gifted, sensitive and caring massage therapist. She is always delightful and really understands how to relieve stress and pain. I feel like I can just let go and relax with her. She is so positive and helps me just release whatever I am carrying. I feel like I can trust her with what my body needs. She always seems to know just what to do and I feel like a new person when our session ends. Thank you Lashanna! -- Patricia

Lashanna puts so much heart in to everything she does. She treats your body and soul with care, and has a gift for creativity and intuition. I have always left a session feeling completely relaxed, rejuvenated, and grounded. Her space is a great reflection of her consideration for all others and guaranteed to make you feel comfortable the instant you enter. I highly recommend Lashanna and Anteres Wellness to anybody in need of touch. Thank you, Lashanna! -- Jennifer 

Visiting Antares Wellness is the single best choice I make for my own health. The bodywork is the most wonderful I've ever experienced, both general sessions and those intended to address specific pain, tightness, etc. And the facility itself is utterly unique, relaxing in a way that appeals to almost every sense: it's beautifully decorated, smells great, and even sounds good, with the option to choose the music I want to hear during a massage session. I leave feeling newly alive every time, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. --Jason 

 I’ve yet to find a product from Antares Wellness that I didn’t like. Recently I’ve been obsessed with the rose clay mask! I’m a sucker for anything with rose in it but right now this is my favorite face treatment! This mask is completely dry in 10 minutes and leaves your skin feeling soft and replenished. I added this mask to my daily routine a month in a half ago and my skin has never felt better!!  -- Cait 

I was gifted a massage from Lashanna awhile back and not only did I gain an amazing masseuse but she is an amazing human. Personally I have been through it all, car accidents, surgeries, child birth, scoliosis...and after a massage with Lashanna it was as if ever part of me was put back together. She is truly a healer. --Anastasia

Lashanna always greets me with a wide smile and a great big hug. She is always attentive to my particular needs and goes above and beyond to help every time. It always feels like a homecoming. -- Jeff

I've had some of the most relaxing massages I've ever had here. Every single detail is relaxing, from the beauty of the ceiling to the volume of the music to the cushion of the table. And Lashanna has an incredible intuition for finding the spots that need work and giving them what they need. I feel so well cared for every visit. And her Cocoa Rose body butter is incredible! --LJ


Lashanna emits pure positivity ~~~ I enjoy just being in her presence so very much ♥️

I have yet to experience the magic of her touch myself, but my sweetheart has been fortunate enough to have had two massages by her so far.
After having open heart surgery his back and shoulders were so incredibly tight and painful, and Lashanna came highly recommended by a mutual friend. She made the time and the trek up north to us and was able to relieve some of his pain during a seated massage on the couch as he could not lie on his chest on a massage table or support his weight on his arms in a massage chair. She happily worked with and around the circumstances.

He just had his second massage with her and we were thankfully able to come to her this time and experience the serenity of her environment.
My sweetheart left feeling so much better and is looking forward to next time, and I just might have to treat myself soon too.

Lashanna is worth her weight in gold ♥️--MW

Goodness! How do I start to describe the wonderful experience I had getting a massage by Lashanna...that woman has magical fingers and a magical voice. I just had my first massage with her to start treating my sciatica and after I left the pain was completely gone! Her gentle voice and beautiful atmosphere were so calming and comfortable. I would highly recommend Lashanna if you want a gifted human you can trust to make you feel stress free! Thank you Lashanna! -- Machel

I had my first massage from Lashanna this week. Went in tense, left incredibly relaxed. Lashanna is intuitive and listens. Refreshing.-- Chris

 Lashanna has a true gift and it is healing just to be in her presence. Amazing massage and after care. She really cares about her clients well being and health. Love!  -- MCG